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You can't walk a kilometre without bumping into a masterpiece in Amsterdam. Treasure-packed museums, vintage-filled shops, hyper-creative designs, drinking and dining scenes are what defines this city. Known as the Venice of the North the city has charming windmills, intoxicating tulips, legendary artists and unique architecture.

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Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia is associated with vacation, architecture and sports. The wanderer soul loves the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the long beaches and the bright sunshine. The architectural eye calls it a design paradise and football attracts the sporty spirit. The city is the jewel of the Iberian Peninsula, which holds tight every visitor.

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It has a 900 years old history. The German Black Forest, part of Freiburg, contains dense woods and vineyards with a happening nightlife. Either a walk in the dense woods or a bike ride through the cobbled pathways are enough to make you fall in love with the place. It is a sunny and cheerful university city, hence harnessing solar energy in a big way.

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One of the most well-preserved towns of medieval Europe, Bruges has most of its architecture intact. Explore the grandeur of the Bruges on boat rides across the huge web of canals the city boasts of and experience the majestic history, the city is an integral part of.

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Brussels is a vibrant multi-ethnic metropolis with some of the most beautiful and strange buildings and beer loving people. Something is always happening here, i.e. music festival, chocolate event, film festival, cultural events, etc. The EU - HQ and about 1,400 international NGOs and multinational corporations have set up their headquarters here.

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The First Winter Olympic Games in 1924 has it´s roots in Chamonix - Mt. Blanc region. It is mesmerising to visit Mont Blanc, standing tall over the Alps and Europe. It is a place to indulge in the most fun snow sports including skiing, helicopter rides, skydiving activities and many more. The train ride from Martigny, Switzerland to Chamonix for onward journey to the summit is a lifetime experience.

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Riding the gondola TITLIS Xpress to the intermediate station followed by the World’s first revolving aerial cableway – TITLIS Rotair. The cable car system connects Engelberg at 996 m to Klein Titlis at 3028 m through the three stages – Gerschnialp at 1262 m, Trübsee at 1796 m and Stand at 2428 m. The 30 minutes journey is a treat.

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The cradle of the European Renaissance and the birthplace of opera, Florence is home to countless museums, art galleries, and churches. Captivating, romantic and utterly enticing it is a place to feast on world-class art and gourmet Tuscan cuisine.

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Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland is also known as the City of Peace. It is renowned for Lake Geneva, magnificent Alps, the United Nations, the Red Cross, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the World Meteorological Organisation, finest watch-making and chocolate-making. Activities such as hiking and skiing attract a large number of tourists.

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The Glacier 3000, a peak of 2,979 meters, is named after the Les Diablerets Glacier. It has an observation deck with spectacular views of the three most famous peaks (Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, the Matterhorn in Switzerland and the famous Jungfrau) and a luxury restaurant at the top of the mountain.

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It is a world famous international resort destination started around 1800, in the Bernese Highlands region of the Swiss Alps alongside the river Aare. The Bödelibahn railway opened from Därligen, on Lake Thun to Interlaken in 1872. July is the hottest month in Interlaken with an average temperature of 19°C and the coldest is January at -1°C.

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Lausanne has been rated as the world’s best small city having a population under 200,000 and a Metro of 28-stations. It is built on the southern slope of the Swiss plateau, with a difference in elevation of about 500 metres between the Lakeshore at Ouchy and its northern edge of Le Mont-sur-Lausanne. Since 1994, it has been recognized as the Olympic capital and the sports arbitration court.

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