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Terms & Conditions



In the terms and conditions set out in this document, the following terms shall, unless contrary to the context, have the meaning specified herein under:

“You” means the person / s in whose name and / or whose behalf the Booking is made. Alternatively, the reference may be made in the third person as “Tour Participant/s” / “They” / “Client” / “Them” / “Tourist” / “Traveler” / “His” / “Her”.

“We” / “Us” / “Company” means “Lenul Global Private Limited”.

“Infant” and “Child” mean; respectively – a person below the age of two years and a person more than the age of two but below the age of twelve years.

“Contractor” / “Supplier” / “Third party” / “Service provider” means supplier of any infrastructural facility and shall include accommodation managements, airlines, caterers, restaurants, places of entertainment viz. theme parks, museums, art galleries, sport arena, etc. shipping company, railways, ferry, cruise, coach, cars, etc. or any person or entity, who are to provide range of services to the “Client”.

“Tour / Package Cost” means the amount mentioned in the Price Grid / brochures / website / other promotional material, etc. Local / International taxes, surcharges of any nature whatsoever are not included in the package cost and are additionally payable by the “Client” to the “Company”

“Brochure” means printed brochure, website, itinerary, leaflets, booklet, Price Grid.

“Website” means “”.

“VISA” means a Certificate issued or a stamp marked (on the applicant’s passport) by the immigration authorities of a country to indicate that the applicant’s credentials have been verified and he or she has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary stay, within a specified period. The “Company” does not have any role to play for issuance / rejection of Visas other than being a facilitator.

“Cancellation Policy” means all the cancellation charges levied by the company, third party and service provider’s, etc.

“Visa Cancellation Policy” means and includes all the cancellation charges levied by the company arising out of non

– granting / delayed granting of visa, by the concerned Consulate for any reason.

“Jurisdiction” means Kolkata Courts / Forums.

“Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions


We take reasonable care in preparing / printing of the brochure, price grid, website and other documents and in describing the services therein. Inadvertent errors due to out of date information is possible and expected, hence we suggest clients to confirm the current / latest information by contacting us.

The pictures / videos used for promotion are for reference only and may differ from the actual meals / accommodations / sights / coaches / cruises / restaurants, etc. Distances between places, atmosphere, conditions, driving timings, etc. are approximate; for the purpose of reference and may change depending on travel & road conditions, climatic changes, other reasons, etc. Accommodations may be booked far off from the central place, for operational ease.


We reserve the right to alter, amend, change or modify the tour package, itineraries, services, etc. (dated, guided or customized) before or during the tour for any reason whatsoever. In case alternative arrangements made are materially superior to as indicated in the Brochure / packages details / costs, we may charge extra for the same at the time of booking or during the course of the tour.


In the event you are booking a tour / travel service of any third-party operators through us, the terms and conditions of such third-party operators, including their payment Schedule / terms, cancellation policy, refund policy, etc. shall be applicable to you, in addition to these Terms and Conditions.



The company will offer detailed terms and conditions on case to case basis of mutual discussion and agreement, on case to case basis


You can book our services / tours through our sales outlets, agents, franchises or online by DD / banker’s cheques / debit card / credit card / online payment / payment gateway. No cash payment is accepted by the company. We have incorporated all modern protection technologies to ensure that information concerning you and your payments is kept secure and confidential. Software / hardware/ network errors and malfunctions can’t be regulated or guaranteed by the Company. Bookings shall be effective only after receipt of the non-refundable booking amount, execution and submission of all documents. The full payment must be received in accordance with prescribed payment schedule. Please ensure before booking a tour that you have in possession or you will be able to provide all the required, valid and genuine documents; required for obtaining visa, travel insurance etc. Guests other than tourist are not allowed to use any of the services of the tour with the tourists. The Company reserves the right to decline to register or cancel bookings, without assigning any reason.


Any one person / travel agent / franchise / authorized representative may make the booking by paying the booking amount and by executing all documents on behalf of any individual (s) or group; provided the person has the mandate of the individual (s) or group to do so. However, the company shall deem that such execution has been made on behalf of all the tour participants named in the Booking Form under full knowledge and with mandate of the group members.


All payment must be cleared 60 days prior to departure date of the tour as per schedule / invoice provided with booking. Delay in payment of your tour cost may be treated as enough ground for cancellation of booking by you, subject to the cancellation charges as per the cancellation schedule. We reserve the right to amend the prices published in this brochure and on the website anytime. The tour cost can be adjusted for various factors including currency fluctuations, fuel price rise, revised travel arrangements, extra charge levied by the service providers, revision of taxes / visa charges, etc. All increase in price must be paid in full before your departure.



We reserve our right to amend or cancel the tour booked by you, without assigning any reason. In such cases, we will offer you alternative tour dates / tours or you would have the option of traveling as individual travelers by effecting any additional charges, if levied. If the alternative date / tour is not acceptable or if you do not wish to travel as individual traveler then we would refund the money paid by you, without interest, after deducting any costs incurred by us on your behalf, within a period of forty-five days from the date of amendment or cancellation of the tour. We would not be responsible or liable to pay any compensation or damages or consequential loss or to refund any other expense incurred by you.


The following cancellation charges shall apply, as liquidated damages (LD), without our having to prove the actual damages incurred by the company. Payment of LD will remain indemnified by you, against any dispute.

Applicable for all types of tours; individual / group / customised / corporate / events Charges
Any type of tour; whenever cancelled Booking Amount (BA)
For non-cancellable tours; from 60th day till the date of departure 100% of the tour cost
For customized and third party conducted tours, whenever cancelled 100% of the tour cost
For corporate tours and events As mutually agreed

GST is applicable over and above all mentioned charges

You must inform us of the cancellation through a letter duly signed by the person / s / agency, who made the booking and delivered to us by any of the following methods, on a working day within working hours to our Registered Office listed below or by email to Cancellation shall take effect only from the date and time the written request reaches the Company office: –

Lenul Global Private Ltd,

33/1 N S Road, Marshall House

Room no. 605 & 606

Kolkata – 700 001, India

However, in the following cases your tour shall be deemed to have been cancelled automatically: –

  1. In case of visa rejection; on the date (working day) of receipt of intimation of such rejection.
  2. For your failure to pay 100% tour cost as per payment schedule
  1. For your breach of any terms of the tour


Amendment of booking isn’t allowed by the Company. We only entertain room upgradation / modification / additional bed requests, subject to levying applicable fees, availability and Rs. 5000.00 per request


Transfer of tours can be allowed on case to case basis, solely at the Company discretion


Refunds of foreign exchange component of the tour cost will be based on our buying rate of that date. The buying and selling rates are published daily. When we receive INR from you, we convert them into the foreign exchange component towards the tour cost at our selling rate as applicable on the date of purchase and credit the proceeds to our bank account. When we refund the foreign exchange component to you in INR, we do so at our buying rate as applicable on the date of refund, because the bank will convert the money at the buying rate and credit the same in INR.


Accommodation is selected by inspecting the location and the facilities offered to fit in the budget of the traveller (s). In Europe the rooms do not have air conditioners or fans. Rooms may or may not have attached toilets / showers / bathtubs.

We don’t guarantee adjoining rooms / interconnecting rooms / non-smoking room / rooms on the same floor etc.

for groups travelling together and 24×7 room service.

The check in time is usually 2 p.m. while check out time is usually 10 a.m. Though the check in time is 2:00 pm, you may have to wait for some hours till the rooms are cleaned and made available. The check in / out timing is subject to change without notice.

If you seek a change in room type while on a tour, the same will be subject to availability and payment of upfront additional charges, if any.

Single room

A single room has either a single queen-size bed or two separate beds.

Double rooms

A double room has either a single queen-size bed or two separate beds. If you request for a queen-size bed, the same would be provided subject to availability otherwise a twin bedded-room would be given.

Triple / quadruple rooms / dormitories to accommodate upto 10/12 persons

Triple / quadruple rooms are usually no larger than twin rooms and the third / fourth bed is often a rollaway bed / cot or bunk bed. Dormitories generally consists of bunk beds.

Children Accommodation

Child travelling on ‘without a bed’ basis would not be entitled to a separate bed. In case of ‘with bed’ basis charges already paid for the child would not be refunded if you decide to not avail the facility whilst on the tour. If you decide to seek an extra bed while on tour, for the child booked on ‘without a bed’ basis, this will be provided subject to availability and payment of upfront charges, as applicable.


Tour Brochure / Website provide details of the meals, which would be served to you. Special meal / diet meal could be provided at the sole discretion of the service provider at additional cost to you.


Pre / post tour accommodation / add on packages or extensions are available to you. You must ensure that you request your travel agent / sales officer / online for the same at the time of booking your tour. However, if you decide to request such arrangement while on tour then it can be provided subject to availability and payment of upfront charges, costs incurred for additions / deletions and incidental charges.


We engage air-conditioned, international standard, star rated luxury coaches for sight-seeing and transfers. Most of our coaches will have hosts / hostess / tour managers / performers, etc to take care of traveler’s holiday experience and needs. The coaches will be equipped with LCD TV, normal TV, music system, push back type and comfortable seats, window drape, automatic doors, water dispensers, tea and coffee machines and washrooms, baggage carriers, etc. for your comfort.

In Europe, bottled water is costly and use of washroom is chargeable. Hence, the company will offer working lunch, snacks, tea and coffee other than water and washroom facility (wherever available and / or possible). Our endeavor is to provide all modern facilities, within the coach for comfort and ease of travel. Seat numbers are not allotted to travelers and hence they are advised to follow a rotational policy mutually, among themselves.

Smoking, consumption of pan, pan masala, guthka, chewing of tobacco, spitting in the coach or on roads is strictly prohibited. The traveler shall be responsible for his / her conduct and for payment of spot fines and penalties imposed by the bus operator or any law enforcement agency.


No compensation / damages will be paid by us to you:

  1. If any traveler misses any service due to unpunctuality,
  2. For change in the itinerary
  3. For Non-fulfillment of any promised service by service provider
  4. Malfunction in any equipment / air conditioning
  1. Loss of your property. However, you may lodge your claim with the tour operator and or local law enforcement agency in writing and we shall take up with the concerned third party.






Porters are not available to assist you in the coach or at lodging facilities. Please travel light and use bags with wheels. Coaches have limited space for heavy luggage and hence we may generally accommodate one suitcase of 158 cms in the luggage carrier. Please carry one handbag per person inside the coach.


Airlines have restrictions on the kind of baggage, number and weight of baggage that you can carry and you will need to carefully read and understand the rules and regulations of the airline, in this regard. You must declare your valuables at the time of check-in and pay any additional charge, if levied, to make the airline responsible for valuables. Without such declaration, airlines can invoke limitation of liability protections provided by international conventions and laws.

Typically, weight restrictions on baggage for Economy Class is 30 Kg, for Business Class 40 kg and for First Class is 50 kg and one hand bag (cabin luggage) not exceeding 7 kg per person. Students are however permitted to carry extra pieces of checked-in baggage and one hand bag.

Low cost carriers (for transfers during the tour) permit baggage allowance of 23 kgs plus 7 kg. Baggage carrying charges are not included for internal transfers, while on tour. You might needs to pay for every piece of baggage checked in or as mandated by the airline. The charges may be upto USD / Euro 35 per bag. Please check with our travel agent / sales staff / website for updated details.

For loss of baggage, failure to provide meal of your choice, for denying boarding or down-gradation due to overbooking or for any other reason, flight delays or rescheduling, flight cancellation, change of airline mentioned at the time of booking etc., for any injury, for any loss or inconvenience suffered, any misconduct on the part of the airlines or its staff / agents are the situations beyond our control and are never caused by the company. You will be free to pursue to seek redressal of your grievances from the concerned airline.


The traveler must take care of all baggage, belongings, currency, valuables, documents and personal effects (collectively ‘baggage’) at all times during the tour. For loss of essential travel documents such as passport, visa, tickets etc., you may be compelled to curtail the tour or incur extra expenses.


Your Passport must be valid for at least nine months after you return to India. Cancellation of the tour due to non-availability of any document will be your responsibility


We may at your request and our discretion, provide you visa guidance services, for a fee plus the actual applicable visa charges paid to the embassy. Visa guidance service may be provided by the company / professionals / freelancers as decided / sourced by the company. We could assist you in preparing and submitting the visa application based on correct and genuine documents provided by you. You are required to appear personally before embassy / consulate for any interview(s) / providing biometrics.

We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential; caused due to transmission delays or loss of passport or documents in the course of transmission of documents by us to the embassy or to you or in the course of transmission of documents by the embassy / consulate to us.

Rejection of Visa application for any reason whatsoever will be treated as cancellation of tour by you, attracting cancellation charges. The cancellation would be deemed to have been made on the date we receive intimation of visa rejection from the consulate / embassy. Should you choose to re-apply after visa rejection, then you shall do so at your own risk and cost. Should we not receive any intimation from the consulate / embassy either accepting or rejecting a visa application before the departure date of your tour then 100% of the tour cost will be levied as cancellation charges. You expressly agree not to dispute the foregoing.



Please inform us in writing in case you have any medical condition that may affect your ability to fully enjoy the tour arrangements or where the interests of other tour participants may be adversely affected by such condition. Under such conditions we or any service provider may decline to accept you or continue with you in this tour, purely at your cost and peril. It is not our obligation to check your medical condition and if you suffer any injury or aggravation on the tour or if you are unable to enjoy / complete the whole or any part of the tour due to your medical conditions, we shall not be liable to compensate you nor to refund any amount to you nor to pay your medical expenses. We or any service provider might request you to provide medical fitness certificate from a registered medical practicener before departure or during the tour and if you fail to provide such certificates, we may decline to accept you or to continue you on the tour.



Cost of the insurance policy might be included / excluded, in our tour package for the normal duration of the tour, which will be duly intimated to you at the time of booking the tour. Issuance of travel insurance is governed by the rules and regulation of the insurance company.

In case of death of the tourist(s) all the arrangements for transportation of the dead body including procuring the death certificate, post – mortem, repatriation of dead body and all personal effects / property and insurance claims etc. shall be made by accompanying relatives and / or accompanying acquaintance / yet to arrive relatives, who shall be intimated by the company (if, required). The entire expenses shall be borne by the accompanying relative / accompanying known acquaintances / yet to arrive relatives, of the dead tourist. For the relatives wanting to visit the country where the tourist has expired, all the necessary arrangements shall be made by the said relative only, at his/her cost.

Please note that you would have a direct contractual relation with the insurer and we are not in any manner directly involved with this relationship. You or your relatives or your acquaintances shall directly submit claims to your Insurance Company. The Insurance Company shall directly pay the settlement amounts to you and any dispute regarding rejection of claim or inadequacy of settlement amount shall be settled by you directly with the Insurance Company.


There shall be no refund or compensation whatsoever for services unutilized by you in whole or part as a matter of your choice or caused by your fault or compelled by circumstances, such as ill-health, weather, internal or external factors, etc.


No person including any of our employees, agents or franchisees has the authority to alter, amend, or waive any stipulation, representation, term or condition set forth in this document.


Please refer to the relevant section of the Price Grid for inclusion and exclusion of the tour cost. All services to be provided and included in the tour cost will be clearly spelt out in our brochures and invoices. Anything not specifically shown as included in the Tour Cost is excluded, thereby payable extra.


We are a company engaged in organizing dated / customized tours, travel, holiday, excursion, events, wedding, etc. for groups / individuals, for profit. Our scope is limited to organize, operate and manage the tour by tying up with various service providers, by utilizing the money collected from the paying traveler / s. We select the service providers, who would provide various services to you. We do not own, operate or control any airline, shipping company, coaches or Coach Company, hotels, hostels, holiday homes, and other type of Transport Company, restaurants, kitchen caravan or any other facility, sought to be provided to the traveler.

We shall have no liability for cost or damage in the following circumstances (among others):

For any loss, injury or damage in respect of life, limb or property, sickness, delay, discomfort, anxiety, service denial, service deficiency, additional expenses etc. incurred by you or for any direct, indirect, consequential loss and / or damage of any kind suffered by you, howsoever caused, arising out of any act of omission / commission, default on the part of any service provider / contractor / supplier / their servants / agents or any third person, who may be engaged or concerned in the provision of accommodation, meals, transportation, entertainment, refreshment or any other service etc. comprising the tour package.

For failure on the part of airline to accommodate passengers (despite having confirmed tickets) or cancellation, change of route, delay of flights etc. Overbooking of seats / rooms by the airline / hotel / hostels / holiday homes, etc. Loss of / delay of baggage by airline / coach / cruise / train / public transport / or otherwise shall not be construed as our failure.

The immunities provided under this contract to the Company shall be available to the Company’s Managers, including Tour Managers, Employees, Servants and Agents but not to the contractors / suppliers selected by the Company. Under any circumstances and to whosoever it may be our liability arising from the contract between you and the company shall not exceed the total amount paid, for by you.


You will have to strictly follow the tour program and comply with the terms and conditions of the various contractors / service providers such as hotels, airlines etc. You are responsible to register with the representative of the Company at the appointed date, place and time for departure and you would be treated as a no-show if you fail to do so and the consequences shall be yours entirely. You are required to be punctual and adhere to the time-lines of the tour and of the contractors / service providers. If you are not punctual, you could miss your flight, your coach, your meals etc. You shall not behave in a manner which may cause distress or annoyance to other tour participants or to any other person or which may create the risk of danger or damage to property belonging to us or other tour participants, service providers or any other persons. If you misbehave or disturb the decorum of the tour you may have to terminate the tour. In such an event, no refund or compensation will be paid to the tourist and he / she will have to bear and pay the expenses for his / her return travel.

You shall not carry any item or object, the possession of which is forbidden by any laws, rules or regulations, nor shall you violate any other laws, rules or regulations. Any tour participant misbehaving or violating any laws, rules or regulations shall be discontinued and ejected from the tour participation at his / her risk, cost, expenses and peril. If we suffer any damage or liability on account of a tour participant’s misbehavior or if we receive any claim from any of the service providers or any of the law enforcing agency then we shall be free to separately charge and recover such claims / losses and expenses from him / her.


Minimum 20 paying adults are required for company conducted group tour. However, customized, individual and the third party conducted tours have no such minimum limit. In case if any of our dated tour has less than 20 paying adults then we might amend, amalgamate, alter, vary, or cancel the tour, without incurring any liability to pay any compensation. However, you shall be free to opt out and be entitled to partial refund of the amount paid by you, subject to deduction of expenses incurred by the company for you.


We maintain privacy of the personal information provided by you. However, it would be necessary for us to share this information with Consulates, Embassies, Airlines, accommodation providers and other service providers, the court, a requisition from any government or statutory authority, subpoena, or where under any laws, rules or regulations, such disclosure becomes necessary. You agree to let us photograph and / or video graph the tour and publish these for the purpose of advertising the tours and the company, through print media, websites, letters, emails, advertisements or in any other manner. All such photographs and / or video graphs / statistics collected by us or shared by you are our absolute property and we shall have unrestricted right to use them for any legitimate purposes.



Communications transmitted to your mailing address / email address on record shall be deemed to have been communicated to you even if returned undeliverable for any reason. Where you book directly with us, we will address communications to you at your mailing address and / or e-mail address given in the Booking Form. If you have booked through a Travel Agent / franchise then we will address communications to them.

All monies paid to the Travel Agent / franchise shall not constitute payment to us unless deposited by them.


In case of conducted tours please promptly inform your Tour Manager for any assistance required, to be followed by sending a mail to us. We shall put in the best of our effort to assist you in any manner whatsoever subject to fulfillment of all terms and conditions laid down as above. You should communicate grievance against the service provider to the tour manager and the company by mail / letters to:

By mail to / written communication to our Registered Office as below:

Lenul Global Private Ltd,

33/1 N S Road, Marshall House

Room no. 605 & 606

Kolkata – 700 001, India

For customized and individual tours and the third party conducted tours we are merely acting as booking agents for various promised services, wherein we book airline tickets, hotels, local transfer taxi / train, meals as promised in the itinerary, etc. We make available to you in advance detailed and daily tour itinerary, with maps wherever required and possible, for seamless and joyful travel. We are not responsible in any way for service deficiencies committed by any service provider. However, our constant endeavor is to book and provide the services requested by you and paid for by you.


Any complaint made by you must be notified to the Company in writing within 15 days from the end of the tour or your choosing to end the tour. No claim notified to the Company outside this period will be entertained and the Company shall incur no liability whatsoever in respect thereof. We shall look into all complaints / grievances / claims in line with the terms and conditions of the company and try our best to resolve all cases, within a reasonable period of time.


If you have any tips, which you might want to share with us, do write in to us at our Registered Office as listed above or email us at


Kolkata, West Bengal, India


On behalf of the persons booked, I / We have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions, How to Book rules, Brochure, Price Grid, Itinerary, Promotion Booklet, Cancellation Policy and Web pages, a copy of each of which has been furnished to me / us. I / We being duly authorized by the said persons do hereby agree and accept the same for self and on behalf of the said persons assuming full responsibility.

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